Melbourne International Film Festival 2020

Films premiering at MIFF 68 1/2 – a digital film festival, streaming 6-23 Aug

  • Corpus Christi

    Inspired by true events, Jan Komasa’s multi award-winning drama is a remarkable tale of morality and redemption, about a charismatic young ex-convict who fooled an entire Polish village by falsely posing as a priest.

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  • Ema

    The remarkable Pablo Larraín (‘No’, ‘Jackie’, ‘Neruda’) unites Gael García Bernal with striking newcomer Mariana Di Girolamo in EMA, an immersive and incendiary new drama about art, desire, performance and family.

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  • Exile

    Racial and psychological tensions, claustrophobically observed in both the workplace and at home, come to a head in Visar Morina’s masterfully directed thriller about one man’s identity crisis as a foreigner in Germany..

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