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    Premiere Season Now Showing
    - Jan Komasa's remarkable, 2020 Oscar-nominated drama CORPUS CHRISTI
    - Régis Roinsard's ingenious all-star whodunit THE TRANSLATORS
    - The Royal Opera House, La Scala & Paris Opera CINEMA SEASON

    Coming Soon To Cinemas
    - [26 Nov] Guillaume Canet in the indelible rural drama IN THE NAME OF THE LAND
    - [26 Dec] Martin Provost's all-star new comedy HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE

    Premiering at the 2020 St. Ali Italian Film Festival (29 Sep-18 Oct nationally)
    - Pietro Marcello's provocative and superbly mounted fable MARTIN EDEN

    New titles to DVD & iTunes include:
    - [Out 18 Nov] Guillaume Canet's all-star comedy WE'LL END UP TOGETHER
    - The award-winning Icelandic stunner A WHITE, WHITE DAY
    - Kore-eda Hirokazu's wry and charming dramedy THE TRUTH
    - The extraordinary Colombian crime drama BIRDS OF PASSAGE
    - Lee Chang-dong's mesmerising thriller BURNING