Juliette Binoche is phenomenal in Saffy Nebbou’s gripping and tantalising new drama, as a divorced mother whose life is upended when she becomes entangled in an online relationship with dangerous repercussions.

Celle que vous croyez
Director: Safy Nebbou
Cast: Juliette Binoche, François Civil, Nicole Garcia, Charles Berling
Duration: 102 mins
Country of Origin: France

CTCStrong sex scenes

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Who You Think I Am

“Satisfying and compulsively watchable. Almost Hitchcockian. Binoche is superb.”

“A delicious, rug-pulling affair that comes across as one thing, and gradually reveals itself to be quite another. Even the most seasoned fan of twisty romantic drama may find themselves pleasantly surprised by the convolutions and revelations in Nebbou’s screenplay which strikes a nifty balance between seriousness and humour. Binoche is on impressive quicksilver form.”

“A crackling thriller. Imagine if Nancy Meyers directed Fatal Attraction, but in French, with the gender politics flipped every which way, and you’re some way toward this perceptive, lightly caustic comedy of manners that milks much mirth from generational conflict and changing codes of online ethics. Binoche is on beguiling form, and here’s a star vehicle that knows where the money is. This is easily the most fun I’ve had at the Berlinale so far.”
Guy Lodge, VARIETY


Few films have afforded the incomparable Juliette Binoche the opportunity to showcase her remarkable range as the gripping new thriller about female desire and identity, WHO YOU THINK I AM.

Binoche plays Claire, a university lecturer and mother of two teenage boys, who is contending with the approach of middle age and remains stung by the betrayal of her ex-husband (Charles Berling), who is building a new life with another partner.

Claire has a new lover too, the handsome Ludo, but is under no illusions as to his fidelity. Out of a mix of petulance and curiosity, she impulsively creates a fake Facebook profile in which to keep an eye on him: she’s ‘Clara’, vivacious, blonde… and 24 years old. Ludo doesn’t take the bait, but his close friend Alex (François Civil) does, and their online connection soon becomes flirtatious. Titillated by the opportunity to be “young again”, Claire’s deceptions lead both of her identities into increasingly dangerous territory…

Based on the novel by Camille Laurens, this remarkable portrait – part romantic drama, part sly and wildly entertaining thriller – explores contemporary issues in an intelligent and compelling manner, and will likely spark fierce post-screening conversations. Unsurprisingly, Binoche is phenomenal.

Who You Think I Am