Adèle Haenel, Pio Marmaï and Audrey Tautou star in this sparkling new screwball comedy from Pierre Salvadori (Wild Target, Après Vous, Priceless) is an irresistible mix of laughs, action and romance.

En liberté!
Director: Pierre Salvadori
Cast: Adèle Haenel, Pio Marmaï, Vincent Elbaz, Damien Bonnard, Audrey Tautou
Duration: 107 mins
Country of Origin: France

MMature themes and violence

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The Trouble With You

“The best comedy of the year.”
Amélie Cordonnier, FEMME ACTUALLE

“Fabulous. A complete success.”
Eric Vernay, PREMIÈRE

“A giddy, delightfully goofy and polished crowd-pleaser.”

“Exhilarating. So pleasurable.”

“Laughter and bursts of applause following the screening of the new film by Pierre Salvadori, the best confectioner of comedies in France. This comedy is a renewal of the genre. Great pacing, brilliantly written, heady like champagne – and even more magic, because it reflects who we are: an audience thirsty for emotions.”
Jacques Morice, TÉLÈRAMA

“A marvel of French comedy. Inhabited by a poetic density which keeps on increasing up to a surprisingly dreamy summit. Its funniness combines efficiency, inventiveness, intelligence and sensitivity.”
Bruno Deruisseau, LES INROCKS

WINNER – 2018 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – SACD Best Film Prize, Directors’ Fortnight
WINNER – 2019 LUMIERE AWARDS – Best Screenplay
2019 CÉSAR AWARDS – NOMINEE (x9) incl. Best Film, Director, Actress, Actor, Supporting Actress & Best Original Screenplay

One of the biggest audience hits of Cannes 2018 (where it premiered as the centrepiece of the Directors’ Fortnight section), this sparkling new screwball comedy from French cinema’s master of the genre Pierre Salvadori (Wild Target, Après Vous, Priceless) is an irresistible mix of laughs, action and romance.

Set on the French Riviera, the wonderful Adèle Haenel (The Unknown Girl, BPM) plays detective Yvonne, the principled young widow of the local police chief who was killed in the line of duty. Each night she puts their young son to sleep with tales of his daring and bravery, so naturally Yvonne is horrified to learn that her husband was not the embodiment of virtue as she had been led to believe, but rather that an innocent man, Antoine (Pio Marmaï), has spent eight years falsely imprisoned as a result of his corruption.

Yvonne decides to do everything she can to help return the hapless parolee to his regular life and devoted wife (a delightful, scene-stealing Audrey Tautou). Unfortunately, Antoine has trouble adjusting back into society, and soon blows a fuse that leads to an hilarious trail of destruction, where moral, social and romantic obligations are put to the test in a spectacular way.

A resounding critical and box office success in France, and nominated for nine French Academy Awards (Césars) including Best Film, THE TROUBLE WITH YOU is a outrageously funny ride with a rollicking wild side.

The Trouble With You