Part biographical documentary, part series of musings on life and art, THE LOOK is Angelina
Maccarone’s revealing portrait of Charlotte Rampling, one of cinema’s most renowned and extraordinary actresses.
Director: Angelina Maccarone
Cast: Charlotte Rampling with Peter Lindberg, Paul Auster, Jürgen Teller, Barnaby Southcombe, Frederick Seidel
Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: France, Germany

MNudity and coarse language

The Look

“Haunting and captivating. A unique documentary portrait of one of cinema’s most quietly enduring talents. Rampling offers up an array of candid, sometimes profound musings that provide singular insight into her creative, artistic & emotional soul.”

“A great actor charms us with her wit and wiles. The exceedingly talented star holds captivating court. There’s something about Rampling’s demeanor that pulls us in. We just have to know what’s going on behind that gorgeous face, with its protruding cheeks and drowsily intelligent eyes. There’s an all-embracing openness here that belies the often cold and calculating characters she plays onscreen. She’s the perfect confluence of brains and beauty, and it’s a pleasure to be in her company.”

“Intimate. As close as most of us will ever get to having tea with La Légende. It’s one of the best conversations I’ve had at the movies all year.”

Part biographical documentary, part series of musings on life and art, THE LOOK is Angelina Maccarone’s revealing portrait of one of cinema’s most renowned and extraordinary actresses, Charlotte Rampling.

What does the world look like through the eyes of Charlotte Rampling? She played the beautiful and worldly foil to Lynn Redgrave’s Georgy Girl in London’s swinging sixties, before Luchino Visconti brought her to Italy for The Damned. Her role in Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter spawned an international debate. She inspired Helmut Newton to take his first nude photographs. In New York she was Woody Allen’s personification of the perfect woman. And as her film career continues well into its 5th decade, she endures as the classic ‘object of desire’.

Breaker of taboos, feminist, icon avant-gardist… to capture this woman’s persona presents a challenge that succeeds remarkably, by being as unfettered and brave as the actress herself.

In THE LOOK, Rampling’s life story is uncovered via a series of fascinating conversations about life’s big questions between the subject herself and a collection of photographers, writers, poets, painters and filmmakers, including Peter Lindbergh, Paul Auster and Jürgen Teller.

“Exposure is huge. I never thought I’d either be an actor or a model or anything like that. It wasn’t something I desired. But once you put your foot in it, and I did put my foot in it very young, and it takes off, it’s quite a beast, it’s quite devouring. Because we have to find a way that you are not invaded all the time by lenses and by people looking.” – Charlotte Rampling

The Look

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