A 2018 Academy Award nominee, the internationally acclaimed film from award-winning writer/director Ziad Doueiri is a thrilling new legal drama centering on a minor disagreement that escalates into a nationwide controversy.

قضية رقم ٢٣
Director: Ziad Doueiri
Cast: Adel Karam, Kamel El Basha, Christine Choueiri, Rita Hayek, Elie Njem, Tatal El Jurdi
Duration: 110 mins
Country of Origin: Lebanon


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The Insult

“Undeniably exhilarating! A fascinating and honest assessment of the never-ending conflict between decency and cruelty that rages in every nation, neighbourhood and heart.”

“A must-see. Ziad Doueiri’s legal thriller fairly crackles with timely provocations. The film boils down centuries of Middle Eastern conflict into one reckless statement – and lets the sparks fly. The excitement is palpable, and Karam and El Basha give the kind of performances that keep you riveted.”
Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

“Gripping entertainment, passionate and humane.”
Alan Scherstuhl, THE VILLAGE VOICE

“Electrifyingly brilliant! The conflict is so personal, visceral and universally recognisable; it could take place in Mississippi, Beijing or Bogota. A terrific accomplishment on every front.”
Godfrey Cheshire, ROGEREBERT.COM

2018 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE – Best Foreign Language Film
WINNER – 2018 SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL – Audience Award (Best Film)
WINNER – 2018 AFI FESTIVAL – Audience Award (Best Film)
WINNER – 2017 VENICE INTL. FILM FESTIVAL – Silver Lion (Best Actor)

The internationally acclaimed new film from multi award-winning writer/director Ziad Doueiri, 2018 Oscar-nominee THE INSULT is a thrilling new legal drama centring on a minor disagreement that escalates into a nationwide controversy.

The present day. It’s a scorching hot afternoon in Beirut. Forty-something mechanic Tony already has a chip on his shoulder about Palestinians, so he’s less than welcoming when 60 year-old Yasser, the foreman of a construction crew working on the street outside, asks him to fix the faulty drainpipe on his balcony. Tony closes the door in his face, so Yasser replaces the pipe anyway, only for Tony to smash it to pieces. Passions boil over, each man digs in, and what should have been a trivial incident easily shrugged off escalates quickly into a dispute that reverberates through their families and communities. Eventually lawyers are called in and the men find themselves in the centre of a highly publicised trial – one that reopens historical and personal wounds on both sides.
Widely heralded at the Venice, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, Doueiri’s gripping and revealing film is reminiscent of such masterful socio-political dramas as A Separation and Incendies, daring to lay bare the divisions within contemporary society. Expertly depicting the shifting conflicts that take place within homes, neighbourhoods and in the courtroom, this thrilling and superbly performed moral fable serves as both a smart and thought-provoking piece of entertainment, and a deeply affecting plea for empathy and conciliation.

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The Insult