Guillaume Canet gives a superb, career-best performance in this remarkable and heartfelt rural drama about succession and resilience which became an unexpected box office phenomenon and national talking-point in France in 2019.

Au nom de la terre
Director: Édouard Bergeon
Cast: Guillaume Canet, Veerle Batens, Anthony Bajon
Duration: 103 mins
Country of Origin: France

MMature themes and coarse language

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In The Name Of The Land

“Very affecting. Reverently photographed and emotionally involving… Superb.”

“Poignant and personal… pivots around Canet’s powerful, lived-in performance.”

“A poignant, remarkable film.”
Etienne Sorin, LE FIGARO

“We have rarely filmed the agricultural land with such truth.”
Sabrina Nadjar, FEMME ACTUELLE

2020 CÉSAR AWARDS NOMINEE – Best Debut Film, Best Male Newcomer

Few could have predicted that an intimate rural drama about succession and resilience would become one of the most popular French films of the past year, but its underdog status is just one of the reasons why the remarkable and heartfelt IN THE NAME OF THE LAND became such a box office phenomenon and national talking-point.

The debut feature of photojournalist Édouard Bergeon, the film is a deeply personal one, inspired by his own childhood and dedicated to his parents. It tells the story of Pierre (portrayed in a superb, career-best performance by Guillaume Canet), who returns from Wyoming to the Mayenne district of France in the late 70’s to marry his sweetheart and take over his imperious father’s farm. The couple have two children, and for many years, life is good. But the business is soon placed under enormous pressure, and what was once satisfying begins to take an insidious toll on the family.

This beautifully acted, humane and empathetic film drew critical plaudits and countrywide attention upon release; through word-of-mouth and social media it quickly achieved more than 2 million admissions, making it one of France’s top five films of the year. Rich in resonances that are bound to strike a deep chord with Australian audiences, this is cinema that leaves an indelible mark.

In The Name Of The Land