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  • The Mafia Kills Only In Summer

    Hilarious, smart & thought-provoking, Italian comedian and satirist Pierfrancesco ‘Pif’ Diliberto makes a hugely auspicious and entertaining directorial debut with this semi-autobiographical romantic comedy of childhood and first love, set in the tumultuous world of 1970’s Italy. Read More →

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  • The Beliér Family

    Captivating newcomer Louane Emera stars with François Damiens, Karin Viard and Eric Elmosnino in Eric Lartigau’s uproarious, smash-hit new comedy about family ties, the joy of music and breaking free. Building to a heart-soaring finale, THE BÉLIER FAMILY is an utter delight: a raucous and deeply moving film that was a smash-hit in France in […]

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