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    Now In Cinemas:

    - The multi award-winning new comedy of manners PERFECT STRANGERS
    - Julien Rappeneau's enchanting, feel-great comedy ROSALIE BLUM
    - The Royal Opera House, La Scala & Opéra de Paris 2016/17 CINEMA SEASON

    Coming Soon to Cinemas:

    - [30 Mar] The 2017 Academy Award-nominated historical drama LAND OF MINE
    - [25 May] Gael Garcia Bernal in Pablo Larraín's beguiling NERUDA

    New titles to DVD & iTunes include:
    - Ricardo Darìn & Javier Camára in Cesc Gay's TRUMAN
    - Catherine Corsini's luminous 70s romance LA BELLE SAISON
    - The breathtaking, Amazon-set adventure EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT
    - Juliette Binoche in Piero Messina's stunning debut drama THE WAIT
    - The smash-hit Italian comedy GOD WILLING
    - Nanni Moretti's award-winning new dramedy MIA MADRE
    - The majestic, multi award-winning new Icelandic fable RAMS