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  • Far From Men

    Featuring a career-best performance from Viggo Mortensen, FAR FROM MEN is a gripping tale of morality and friendship set during the Algerian War, against an unforgiving mountainous landscape.

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  • The Mafia Kills Only In Summer

    Hilarious, smart & thought-provoking, Italian comedian and satirist Pierfrancesco ‘Pif’ Diliberto’s hugely entertaining romantic comedy of childhood and first love is set in the tumultuous world of 1970’s Italy.

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  • Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

    Inspired by true events, this enchanting and powerfully affecting new film from David & Nathan Zellner tells the true story of a young woman’s extraordinary journey from Japan to Minnesota, in search of a mythic fortune.

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  • Leviathan

    Heralded in Cannes (and declared a “5-star masterpiece” by The Guardian), the stunning new film from modern Russian master Andrey Zvyagintzev (The Return, Elena) is a gripping parable of class, faith and corruption.

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