Casey Affleck & Liv Tyler star in Steve Buscemi’s LONESOME JIM, a deadpan hilarious coming-of-age story about a young man who begrudgingly returns to his small home town, that was a huge hit at Sundance.
Director: Steve Buscemi
Cast: Casey Affleck, Liv Tyler, Mary Kay Place, Seymour Cassel, Kevin Corrigan
Duration: 91 mins
Country of Origin: France

MModerate coarse language, Moderate sex scene, Moderate drug use

Lonesome Jim

“Buscemi does not act in Lonesome Jim, but his sly humor and keen eye for nuance resonate in every frame.”
Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Casey Affleck & Liv Tyler star in Steve Buscemi’s LONESOME JIM, a dead-pan hilarious coming-of-age story that was a huge hit at Sundance.

Jim (Casey Affleck) begrudgingly returns to his hometown in rural Indiana after failing to make it on his own in New York. Once back, living in his childhood room, he soon remembers why he left: a doting but overbearing mother, a distant father and a depressed older brother. Soon after his homecoming, Jim’s brother is involved in a mysterious car accident and Jim is forced to take his on brother’s duties—working at his parents’ factory and looking after his two neices. Although crippled by these obligations and his own anxieties, a glimmer of hope springs from his developing relationship with a local nurse (Liv Tyler) and her young son. Slowly Jim learns how to move forward without leaving everyone behind.

As you’d expect from Buscemi, LONESOME JIM is filled with marvellous, understated performances and hilarious unexpected insights. But the film belongs to Affleck, in his breakthrough leading role, who’s dead-on as the hapless Jim.

Lonesome Jim

  Lonesome Jim