Acclaimed actress Mélanie Laurent marks herself as a major new directorial talent with this emotionally seductive and hugely affecting drama about an adolescent friendship perched on the brink of obsession.

Director: Mélanie Laurent
Cast: Joséphine Japy, Lou de Laâge, Isabelle Carré
Duration: 91 mins
Country of Origin: France

MMature themes, violence, coarse language, sexual references,
brief nudity and drug use

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“A film of real directorial confidence & flair. Beautifully shot, radiantly acted and artistically made.”
Jessica Kiang, THE PLAYLIST

“Perceptively conveyed. An intimate insight into an inner world. With Japy and de Laâge, Laurent matches a picture delicately painted with fine-tuned performances, her leads contrasting by design yet complementary. Sensitive and singular, a film that leaves an imprint in its beguiling build up as well as its stunning conclusion.”
Sarah Ward, ARTSHUB

NOMINEE – 2015 LUMIERE AWARDS – Best Female Newcomer (Joséphine Japy/Lou de Laâge joint nomination)

Acclaimed actress Mélanie Laurent takes the director’s chair for this emotionally seductive and hugely affecting drama about an adolescent friendship perched on the brink of obsession.

When Charlie (Joséphine Japy) – an attractive but self-doubting 17-year-old – meets the charismatic, forthright and unruly Sarah (star on the rise Lou de Laâge), they immediately form an intense and exhilarating bond. Sarah offers both companionship and support for Charlie at a time when she desperately needs it, while her unstable mother (the superb Isabelle Carré) copes badly with impending divorce. But their inseparable, idyllic existence soon steers into dangerous territory…

Skilfully adapted from the controversial, best-selling novel by Anne-Sophie Brasme, Laurent’s gorgeously shot, highly refined thriller delves into the deep and dark connections that make youthful relationships so quixotic and powerful. The stellar performances of her actors – completely submerged under the skin of their characters – delivery extraordinary impact as the film builds to its breathtaking dénouement.

A breakout success at both the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals, BREATHE confirms Laurent as a major new directorial talent.

Mélanie Laurent discusses BREATHE with Variety before the World Premiere in Critics’ Week at the 2014 Cannes International Film Festival

Mélanie Laurent discusses BREATHE ahead of its Australasian Festival screenings