Films released in 2009.

  • The French Kissers

    The breakout comedy sensation of Cannes 2009, graphic artist Riad Sattouf’s debut is a brilliantly hilarious and painfully true-to-life portrait of the humiliations and tribulations of being a teen.

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  • Genova

    An exotic city of secrets, an Italian seduction… a place to start again. Acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom assembles a powerhouse cast in this haunting, suspenseful drama.

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  • Tulpan

    Set on location on the steppes of Kazakhstan and four years in the making, Sergey Dvortsevoy’s debut feature TULPAN is a symphonic celebration of life and nature, disguised as an adorable, sweet-natured love story.

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  • Summer Hours

    How much or how little are we obliged to honour the wishes of our parents after they’re gone? This is the question posed by Olivier Assayas in his rueful and wise film, one of the most internationally heralded of his career.

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